Turning Point

Helping young people to understand the importance of ‘learning from mistakes’ and being flexible/adaptable if something doesn’t work. And create a new road map for their lives.

1) In ‘Turning Point’ podcasts, people talk about their mistakes and how they have changed their lives. The links to the podcasts can be found in tools/session plan. 

2) Create a road map of your life showing turning points in your life – past and future

Aim of Session

To help young people understand they have choices and can learn from any perceived mistakes.

Learning Outcomes

Young people will better understand that life is about learning from our mistakes and adapting;
Young people will be able to visualise a road map for their own future.

Evaluation Activities

At the end of the session, ask the learners to respond to two questions? 1. What did you learn about yourself in this session? 2. What would you like to know more about?

2 activities
80 minutes

Employability Skills Gained 
Emotional intelligence
Problem solving