The aim of the SPEED-You-Up project is to tackle early school leaving and youth unemployment through a hands-on entrepreneurship approach.

Thirteen project partners have collaborated on pilots of entrepreneur hubs, where young people can work on their talents, skills and future together. In the entrepreneur hubs, they get entrepreneurship training and create a community-oriented pop-up business.

The entrepreneur hubs are installed in the community or from within schools.

WSX Enterprise

Entrepeneur hubs in local communities

Through entrepeneur hubs in their local communities, young people with a distance to employment and education are given the opportunity to learn and work together and acquire entrepreneurial competencies and skills. The entrepreneurship approach serves to build self-confidence, self-efficacy, soft skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. Below are nine cases of entrepreneur hubs in communities from four different countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingkom). Go ahead and get inspired on how working on entrepreneurship can make a difference for young people and their community!

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Entrepeneur hubs in schools

SPEED-You-UP offers a new approach to schools. More specifically, students get the opportunity to learn and work together on their own pop-up business. They work on a community-oriented business idea and can create a product or service that makes a real difference in the community. While working on this business, young people acquire skills and competencies and gain self-confidence.

In the overview below, concrete examples of entrepreneur hub pilots in schools will be given in the course of 2022. This is work in progress!


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