The SPEED-You-UP project has 13 partners, all providing their invaluable expertise. To find out more about what's happening in your area get in touch with the project partner nearest to your location. For general inquiries please contact Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, the lead partner of the project.

To get involved please get in touch with the partner nearest to you via their website. For general enquires email Marieke Franck at

Map showing SYU locations
Higher education, practice-based research and tailored advice to businesses and organisation including schools and social profit
Community centers – activities related to social inclusion, active citizenship
Public: toddlers, children, youth, adults
Bournemouth University is a partner in the Speed You Up Interreg project
Community centers – activities related to social inclusion, active citizenship, and power to act for our users
Provision of mental health support, advice and guidance through our Recovery College.
Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) is devoted to helping the ICT and digital media industry to become more profitable.
Development of the local Ostend Economy
Providing education services for the city of Ghent
Helping build an entrepreneurial future for young people
Department of Welfare, Unit education and unit Activation, creates equal opportunities to take fully part in society
Promotes the career development of people exluded from the labour market, skilled employees and other target groups
Implementation of the city's youth policy around employability, inclusion, participation and European citizenship
Employability and entrepreneurship programme delivery