Talent and skills

Goals and outcomes

What is the goal of this module?

The goal of the ‘Talent and Skills’ module is

  • to help young people to understand the meaning of skills, talents and abilities and the difference between them
  • to understand why employers value these different areas
  • to enable young people to develop more self-awareness
  • to understand themselves better
  • to identify their own skills, talents, and abilities.

This module is designed to build confidence, self-efficacy, communication skills and decision-making abilities, which are essential skills for any entrepreneurial journey and in wider areas of life. The model also links to employability skills and EntreComp competences. Throughout the module, young people are encouraged and supported to document their thoughts and to share their views with others, without fear of ‘getting it wrong’. The key element of this module is to motivate and support young people to understand that Speed You Up represents a new step, a turning point on a new journey. The ‘Turning Point’ videos help to show young people that lots of people have been on the wrong path and have had a ‘Turning Point’ in their life and changed onto a successful path.

This module is interactive and uses different tools to enable full participation and engagement - videos, discussions, worksheets, role play and session plans. This module has been designed so that it can be delivered online using video-conferencing software such as Zoom and Teams.


What are the learning outcomes?

  • The learner will understand the meaning of skills, talents, abilities and the differences between them;

  • The learner will develop an understanding of why these skills are valued by employers;

  • The learner will be able to recognise the importance of hard work and skills development as equally as important as having ‘natural talent;

  • The learner will be able to identify their own skills, talents, and abilities.

  • The learner will have increased self-awareness and understand their strengths and abilities better, alongside areas for development;

  • The learner will learn effective communication skills;

  • The learner will develop self-belief in themselves.


Fundamentals option
approx. 5-6 hours
Excellence option
dandelion flower
approx. 13 hours
Online option
approx. 13 hours

This option gives a greater depth to the learning on this module and covers all the sessions. It could be delivered over 4 sessions or 2 short days (with breaks) to really cement the learning.

Total duration: 785 mins = approx. 13 hours

This involves individuals completing worksheets, watching videos, using an online resource, then using Zoom or Teams meetings for discussions and sharing ideas and work.

It is not advisable to do this in large chunks of time online. It could be a 1.5 hour activity online over a period of time, with students encouraged to complete some of the activities in their own time, and asked to report back on these in their next online session.

Total duration: 785 mins = approx. 13 hours

Tips and tricks

IMPORTANT! It is important to help build self-efficacy in the students from the very beginning so that they can fully engage. The two videos below help show a way of developing young people’s confidence and self-efficacy. This is crucial to try and encourage young people to ‘give an opinion and have a voice’.


Video - self efficacy, low self esteem and locus of control


Video - building self efficacy in young people



It is important to get across that everyone is different and everyone has a value and skills to offer –they just need to work out what they are. Try and demonstrate to young people that many different types of people with different skills and qualities are needed by an organisation; for example organisations and businesses need people who are organised, good with detail and maybe introvert but organisations also need people who are outgoing and come up with new ways of doing things.

IDEAL! The facilitator does not need to have all the answers. Each session plan could have an opportunity for entrepreneur/business input, it all depends on the network of business and stakeholder support you can access. Often, if it is to inspire young people - they may be willing to support them.

Opportunities for input could range from:

  • An entrepreneur/business person co-facilitating the whole session on the session ‘Working Together in Harmony’/

  • A stakeholder giving a talk on the session, ‘What Skills Employers Want’ and relate it to their organisation and why.

  • A young person coming in to talk about their ‘turning point’, how they were on the wrong path, what happened, what changed, where they are now and what skills they recognise they have now.

We hope you find this module helpful and that it engages the young people.