Recording sales

This session plan will tell you all about how to keep track of sales.

Youngsters will have to look for answers to the following question:s

  • What about invoicing and how can customers pay?
  • How will the customer pay?
  • When does the customer pay?
  • Will you make invoices and how can you make invoices?
  • How can you keep track of sales?

Aim of Session

For young people to decide how customers will pay and be able to draw up an invoice if necessary

Learning Outcomes

• Young people have further developed their concept
• Young people have a basic understanding of marketing, communication, financial plans and sales
• Young people can apply this knowledge to their pop-up

Evaluation Activities

Discuss with the young people what they thought of the activity


Recording sales
2 hours

1 activities
2 hours

Employability Skills Gained 
Commercial awareness