WSX Training Delivery at Waverley Training Services Centre

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 09:38

Since the beginning of the programme in September 2020, WSX Enterprise we have been delighted to be working with a group of young people aged 17 to 18 at Waverley Training Services Centre.

 The young people have enjoyed 6 training sessions run face to face and on Zoom whilst learning about their skills, talents and developing their own business ideas.

 Following the training so far, the teachers at the Waverley Centre have noticed an increase in the confidence of the learners and were pleased to see them participating actively in the sessions. 

Three of the learners have already come up with business ideas that reflect community needs and are in line with their skills and interests!

 We hope that they will work on developing their business ideas further during the upcoming sessions in March and April.