Working with the Neet youngsters in the Nieuw-Gent district, Ghent.

Friday, March 12, 2021 - 13:47

To reach the Neet youngsters, we entered into a partnership with Larf vzw: a theatre house for children and young people.

Larf has a specific project running in the New Gent district, grown from the bottom up, with the aim of giving the young people in New Gent more voice (literally and figuratively) and more responsibility for themselves and their district in the short and long term.

By means of a photo project and short one-on-one street interviews, the young people were informed about the Speed-You-Up project and their first ideas and talents were already questioned.

This took place at a place in the neighbourhood where the young people often hang out, namely the local pitta shop.

The construction of a neighbourhood workshop in this district is also in full swing. This provided us with another great opportunity for cooperation.
Every Tuesday afternoon, young people are welcome in the front yard of this community workshop under construction. They go shopping together and prepare soup, pancakes, …  on a mobile outdoor kitchen. This is an accessible way of gathering young people and creating a friendly atmosphere where they can come with their questions and ideas.

Some of the ideas are: building an outdoor pizza oven, a small cinema in the neighbourhood, ..... We are curious to see how this will develop.

Every fortnight, a regular person from the neighbourhood workshop joins these afternoons. A fixed contact person for these young people who can answer all their questions about CVs, vacancies, applying, ....

The idea arises to organise a neighbourhood job fair for and by these young people.

Hopefully we will be corona-free soon so we can realise all these ideas.