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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 17:54
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Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work organises all kind of activities for people who need to get closer to the labour market and society in general. They are located in the south of the Netherlands, in de province of Zeeland in the town of Burgh-Haamstede.

For Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work, we are at the beginning of starting the hubs and pop-ups, as we had multiple meetings with different organizations. First of all, we had contact with: “Annemarie Advies & Coaching bureau”. She works closely with the municipality here in the region. Where she is going to help us sending in NEET youngsters into the project as she is working with this target group in relation to getting a sustainable future job and general goal in life.

Also, we are working closely with the: “SMWO”, the social service department of the municipality. SMWO connects vulnerable and powerful citizens with each other, expressing their role as a facilitator and supporter of social work and welfare. They also work at schools and closely with NEET youngsters and are in the beginning phase of setting up a hub.

“Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work discussing with SMWO and Dock Schiedam about how they are going to integrate SYU in their own programs.” 

The third party we are working with is: “Dock”. The social workers of DOCK Schiedam support young people and their educators. They contribute to the development of skills and social skills, so that young people can grow up to be active and self-reliant citizens who participate in society.

They work in schools, but they are also findable in the different districts in Schiedam. Dock works closely with NEET youngsters and is connected to “Lentiz Life College” in Schiedam. Because they work so closely with the school, the youngsters that are going to “drop out” or are failing school, directly are going to our SYU program. Also, youngsters that will come to their centres, are also able to use and start the program from there. So, we are going to try to start a Hub at Dock and Lentiz Life College before the official summer holiday will start.

“Logos from the parties that are participating.”

As mentioned above, we’re at the beginning phase of our program execution and have more or less 10 learners reached yet, but real success stories or business ideas will follow. The actual implementation of the hubs and executing the pop-ups are scheduled for the beginning of the Summer. We are working now on the modules for Work package 2 and are developing videos to make it easier and appealing for the parties to work with the modules. When the videos are done, we are disseminating the module to the parties and we think we can manage to attract more youngsters.

The Foundation Pro Work Knowledge Center promotes the career development of people with a (significant) distance to the labour market, skilled employees and other target groups, who need coaching, training and guidance in a wide range of sectors and themes, both national and international. Pro Work is active in sectors such as ICT, environment, economy, healthcare and technology with central topics such as sustainability, sheltered employment, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, talent development of young people, unemployment and diversity management.

“A part of the Dutch team of Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work that is working on this project” 

About Pro Work

Pro Work is mainly the leader of Work Package 2 in the project. We lead the development of the modules focused on the NEET youngsters that are dropped out of school. We work on different deliverables but also are there for guidance and help for the different deliverables in Work Package 2.

Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work is located in the south of the Netherlands near the beach. Our office is built into an “old farm barn”. This barn is completely renovated from the inside with big open glasses for a bright office. We have been located in this office for 7 years now, but Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work was founded 14 years ago in 2007.

We are leading in Erasmus+ based projects as well as being a partner in this including other European and National subsidy trajects as well as Interreg 2 Seas. Pro Work often works together with a consortium of organisations, regional training centres, the government (local, regional, national, European), representatives of sectors, other knowledge centres and has a wide variety of target groups. The foundation is also involved in the development and implementation of innovations in the field of (vocational) education and training.

Pro Work offers a broad professional approach that realizes structural innovation in a demand-driven manner.

“Pictures from the office and location”