youngsters in Armentières (France)

Cooperative of services offered by young people

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What is a youth service cooperative? (CJS)

It is a business education project. This scheme offers young people aged 16 to 18 the opportunity, during the two summer months, to set up their own cooperative business. They are supported by professional business developers. They will really imagine their own company, with a board of directors and three committees: human resources, marketing, finance.

It's up to everyone to choose where to get involved based on tastes and skills. It's not a summer job but they're going to generate a turnover and split it in the end.

This "Made in Salengro" company will offer services to residents and surrounding businesses. Garden maintenance, car cleaning, shopping... It is the young people who will decide what they propose and to whom.

The company was created on July 6, 2020, with the name: Young Coop.

The young people first went through a training course for 2 weeks to learn the basics of Marketing, discover the needs of the territory and establish the distribution of roles within their company.

The Co-operative is divided into four entities:

The Marketing Department

The Accounting Department

The Human Resource Service

The Finance department.

Each Service appoints a representative who comes to sit on a Board of Directors who is the decision-making authority of the Co-operative.

The Board of Directors is itself chaired by 2 Co-Chairs who come to organize these councils as well as mediate the meeting.

After their two weeks of organization and training, the Co-operative have chosen the services that the Young Coop will offer:

  • Baby sitting
  • Races
  • Piano lessons
  • Language courses
  • Kitchen
  • Birthday animation
  • Preparations for events (Buffet...)
  • Wedding hoverer (advice)
  • Upgrade (Help with homework)
  • Computer training (pc, phone...)
  • Aesthetics (Manucure, Hairstyle ...)
  • Advertisements (Stores, individuals...)
  • Bike repair
  • Moving
  • Putting up furniture
  • Creating objects
  • Pool cleaning
  • Canteen help (centre, school)
  • Administrative aid
  • Animal care
  • Painting

Very variable services!

All they have to do is find contracts.