Partner update - WSX Enterprise (Feb 2023)

October update

Training session at Camberley SYU HUB Workshop

On 11th October Adriana delivered SYU sessions to two learners at the Camberley SYU HUB Workshop. 

The learners were especially interested in the self-employment module as well as business promotion. 

The topic of business helped the learners in preparations for the business Pop Up event which was held in the Camberley SYU Hub on 18th October.

The Pop Up event focused on two learners, Sheridan and Nina, who were showcasing their new ventures: a tattoo studio and fitness coaching.

Both business ideas were based on the learner’s interests and skills. Sheridan has got an extraordinary artistic talent and Nina was a golden judo medallist representing the UK during many sporting events.  

syu camber
pop up nina


French Partner Visit

In November Adriana attended a SYU partner meeting which was held by the French partners of the project: Centre Social Salengro in the town of Armentieres.

The Centre helps young unemployed people to find employment and encourages them to look into new innovating ideas when looking into self-employment. The meeting was attended by some of the learners who introduced to the partners their business ideas. Some of them required the use of a 3D printer which enabled the production of small souvenirs.

The meeting allowed the partners to discuss the project’s progress and start preparations for the final meeting in Ghent which will be hosted by Artevalde University at the beginning of February.


SYU Festive Celebrations

Adriana attended Christmas lunch together with the Surrey Heath County Council colleagues and the WSX SYU Camberley Hub Team – The Workshop.  

Over the last two years, the colleagues who manage The Workshop worked really hard on signposting the learners so they could attend SYU sessions. It was a pleasure to chat with them and to say a big thank you for their support and involvement. 

 Christmas do Workshop

January and February

Farnborough 6th Form College

The programme continues to be delivered at Farnborough 6th Form College by a business teacher Saffron Owen who was trained to become a SYU coach. Sessions will be run until the end of June for 17 students who are keen on setting up a business and entrepreneurship. In addition to the regular SYU modules, Ms Owen is preparing the students for the Pop Up event which will take place in May.