Spreading the SPEED-You-Up knowledge!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 15:30
Donna (SYU coordinator) and Yasmin (SYU assistant) delivering a SYU training session to staff from the Adult Young Careers team.

Devon Mind have an exciting new collaboration with the local welfare organisation, Adult Young Carers! This organisation support carers aged 15 to 25 years old who care, unpaid, for someone (usually a family member) who is chronically ill, disabled or mentally unwell. The young people have endless amounts of potential and transferable skills but lack self-belief and a positivity about their future career. 

2 members of staff have been trained to use the SYU modules, tools, and resources to inspire, engage and help the young carers they support to achieve their full potential, get into the world of work, and contribute to the community. The trained SYU coaches at Adult Young Carers started delivering their SYU sessions in July 2022.