Small scale kick-off

This session plan outlines how you can give a group of young people a taste of entrepreneurship through organising a small scale kick-off in the school context. 

This includes a kick-off that can be organised in the classroom or online. The kick-off includes  group exercises, making a family tree on entrepreneurship and inviting a guest speaker (role model).

Download the session plan for more information. 

Aim of Session

To get the young people to think about entrepreneurship and arouse their enthusiasm.

Learning Outcomes

The young people are curious about what entrepreneurship involves and how they can get started themselves.

Evaluation Activities

Discuss with the young people what they thought of the activity.


What is entrepreneurship? An immersion and introduction
60 minutes
In conversation with a role model
60-90 minutes

2 activities
2-3 hours

Employability Skills Gained