Revenue Models

Guidance for young people to choose and pitch a revenue model.

Where will you get your income? (Revenue streams)

What types of revenue models are there? Which revenue models are used by your competition and can those work for you? Which other revenue models are there?

Aim of Session

To get young people to think about what revenue models there are and to choose a revenue model for their pop-up

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module:
• Young people have further developed their concept
• Young people have a basic understanding of marketing, communication, financial plans and sales
• Young people can apply this knowledge to their pop-up

Evaluation Activities

Discuss with the young people what they thought of the activity


What revenue models are there?
30 minutes
Choosing a revenue model + pitch
2 hours

2 activities
2,5 hours

Employability Skills Gained 
Commercial awareness