Reflecting and looking back

This session plan indicates how the coach and the (group of) young people can look back and reflect on the introduction to the programme. 

After the ‘immersion’, organise a get together with students to reflect on their first experiences. This can be done in an informal way and by asking 3 questions: What? So what? and Now what? Rolfe's reflective model can help you, you can find the link in the session plan. 

Aim of Session

To get the young people to think about entrepreneurship and arouse their enthusiasm.

Learning Outcomes

The young people are curious about what entrepreneurship involves and how they can get started themselves.

Evaluation Activities

Discuss with the young people what they thought of the evaluation method.


What do you remember and what are the takeaway points for you?
60 minutes

1 activities
1 hour

Employability Skills Gained 
Critical thinking