Partner update - WSX Enterprise (June 2022)

Friday, June 24, 2022 - 14:31

Work Package 1 ( schools)

At WSX there are 3 school Hubs: Kings International College in Surrey and 2 schools in Hampshire: Farnborough 6th Form and Treloar’s.

At each school, there was over 5 Speed You Up sessions delivered over a period from October 2011 to March 2022. At the end of all the sessions, there were Business Pop Ups organised in the schools.

At Kings College Camberley the Pop Up event took part on 25th March. There were 7 students participating in 5 separate businesses and the learners were selling sweets and jewellery to 700 (!!!) students who turned at the end of the school day. The students made a profit of over £60 per Pop Up. 

In Treloar’s the Pop Up event took place on 14th March and the 11 participating students created 3 impressive Pop Ups: they put together an International Cookery book consisting of recipes from all international teaching staff and assistants from the school. They also set up A Movie Night Pop Up as well as Open Mike Event Pop Up.  The students thoroughly enjoyed a unique community atmosphere on the day! 

At Farnborough 6th Form College 4 talented learners have come up with 3 business ideas based on their experience and community needs.

They created Femigym Pop up ( gym for ladies only), a personalised business Pop up called Balloons and Ribbons and an authentic Nepalese food shop called Sukuti to Share.

The learners presented their business ideas during a business Pop up event on 7th April. The Pop up was attended by stakeholders from Hampshire Council, entrepreneurial company The Business Mission and the Inspiring Enterprise Programme representative from WSX.

Work Package 2 (outside school organisations)

WSX delivered a course at The Future Skills Centre in Bordon to 2 groups of male learners who initially were learning about construction. There were over 7 sessions delivered at the Centre and the 30 students who attended took part also in a business Pop Up back in February. There were 8 separate business/Pop Ups on the day the learners impressed stakeholders with their construction skills – especially working with wood.

WSX worked closely with The Camberley Workshop WSX Hub where learners were attending SYU sessions and Pop Ups as well.  

Simon Rai’s Pop Up

Oriana's Pop Up

Josh's Pop Up

WSX also worked closely with Hampshire Council and organised SYU info sessions in 2 locations, Basingstoke and Aldershot.