Partner update - The City of Amienes

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 17:34
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The City of Amienes

Colleagues from the city of Amiens work on the implementation of the city’s youth policy around employability and inclusion. They work closely with the schools and local community. 

The overview of the news prepared by colleagues from the City of Amiens is:

  • 3 classes from two different high schools took part in the SPEEDYouUP adventure.
  • 2 classes from Romain Rolland high school with a total of 24 students.

Project participants set up six business projects. Here are the different projects:

  • 2 business projects in the field of personal services.
  • 1 website/application project allowing users to share unusual photos of Amiens ("Amiens Shoot").
  • 1 project for a company manufacturing protective masks.
  • 1 project for an application to connect sportsmen and women.
  • 1 application project offering outings and leisure activities for small budgets.