O 6.6.6

Hendrik Baelskaai 27, 8400 Oostende, Belgium

059 24 23 00

Why this project?

We are creating a place in the City close to a neighbourhood where there is a lot of poverty.

By having such a hub in this place, we will first of all provide a low-threshold meeting place for young people of this neighbourhood. This hub offers the opportunity to combine various things impossible to do anywhere else in the city. A place where entrepreneurs and young people and other disadvantaged groups can come together to work on their skills and strengthen their network is unique in the city.

How do we work?

Young people can join with different levels of involvement. For instance, they can start with just dropping by without any obligation and looking around, having a drink...

Young people can also become a volunteer and choose the days and activities/events they want to participate.

At last, there is a training trajectory in which they commit themselves for a long period of time to a certain project or workshop.


By having a part-time youth coach on site who can assist the young people with all their questions, we build a safety net and increase trust. We also ensure that the bonds between the different young people start to grow by bringing them together regularly. They strengthen their own network with people of their own age.

What difference do we make?

The story of B. illustrates how we can make a difference in the lives of young people from our neighbourhood.

B. was introduced to the SPEED-You-UP programme by the partner Arktos. They knew him from the free time activities and the youth centres in Ostend. B. has been looking for a while for what exactly he wants to do with his life. He has no real work experience, and student jobs were also out of the question. Together with Arktos, he knocked on the door of the OCMW to get some financial support. Arktos also introduced him to the hub of O.666. At first, B. came there rather sporadically. He used to volunteer in the canteen or hang out there. Until they started expanding the workshop bike repair last year, B. was asked if he wanted to join in. Someone from the entrepreneurs involved took the lead in expanding the workshop. B. did small repairs and learned how to replace basic parts of a bicycle. It went by trial and error. For a while, he came to the hub less often. In the meantime, the local entrepreneur has taken a back seat and B. is the driving force behind the bicycle workshop. He has already trained a few young people to help as volunteers in the bicycle workshop. Arktos provides the necessary support and a sounding board for B.. We feel that B. is ready for the next step. He has indicated that he does not want to continue as a self-employed person. He wants to start looking for work at a bicycle repair shop or a bicycle dealer. He is also open to other jobs. Together with Arktos, we are now taking the first steps.


Bike-repair shop
Young people learn to repair bicycles and to run a business
De Vonk
Making furniture from recycled materials from the local neighbourhood


Sofie Coudeville
Project coordinator
0494 87 32 74
Gilles Maene
coaching young people in O6.6.6