Lessons learnt

Goals and outcomes

What is the goal of this module?

The goal of the module Lessons Learned is to include a form of reflection on the process.

  • What did I learn about myself?
  • What are my talents?
  • How can I use my talents in a work environment?
  • How can I further develop my talents through training?

This final module is actually intertwined throughout the whole SPEED-You-UP trajectory.
You could add a process evaluation, for example in the beginning of the project youngsters make a list of their talents and skills. At the end they do the same so to see their progress. 
But also a mid-term evaluation can be interesting, so they feel they have made progress and are acknowledged by the other people in the SPEED-You-UP project (Speed Up Your Skills measurement test). 


What are the learning outcomes?

In general, at the end of the Lessons Learned module youngsters should be:

  • more aware of their professional identity and who they are as a person
  • motivated to further explore who they are as a person and as entrepreneur
  • more aware of the role and relevance of entrepreneurship in society
  • able to present themselves to others and explain who they are as an entrepreneur
  • more versatile and respond in a more confident way to the ever-changing job market. 
  • able to reflect, be innovative and be able to learn thoutgh experience. 
  • able to work on self-awareness, self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance.

More specifically, youngsters should be:

  • able to formulate skills and competencies they have acquired during the programme
  • able to express what elements they would like to include in the programme in terms of content but also in terms of approach
  • able to update the program and make it evidence-based. Acorrding to our vision that SPEED-You-UP works from the bottom-up.


Fundamentals option
2-6 hours
Excellence option
dandelion flower
6-16 hours
Online option
2-16 hours

This is like the fundamental option, but you can use different tools and methods or spend more time per tool or method. You can also choose to let students choose an individual AND a group option.

 You can pick any sort of method you want to use. We think the excel option will be for coaches that want to combine a couple of methods or will also use group and as individual level methods/tools. This option, preferably with a closing event, is essential for aftercare.

The time the youngsters need for this depends on which tools and methods they want to implement. The time also varies per tool or method based on the choices that are made.

The module Lessons Learned can be executed in different levels, individual or in group. This option also allows you to stay inside the school or HUB.

You can do it within school hours, as part of (co-)curricular learning or as replacement of part of the curriculum, but also some work at home. Reflection and ideas can be sparked everywhere. We provided materials for each specific method, you can modify as you like.

This option will include online activities. Stakeholders, partners form the work field, social networks of the youngsters, youngsters & coaches… can be included as well (you can even go cross border!).
We believe it is best to start with this option at the beginning of the modules (process) until the very end of the project.

Even a closing event can be executed online with different virtual rooms (break out rooms) for workshops. You will need a beamer and screen, materials/platforms necessary for the different workshops and stands (PPT, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram). You can contact the project partner to co-organise this!

Tips and tricks
  • Make sure that you have a broad network, so aftercare for students can be guaranteed.
  • Start with a clear plan at the beginning of the modules.
  • Provide support for the individual youngsters who are now making the transition to regular education, trainings, employment

Contact one of the project partners in your country to help you set this module up and look to them for guidance to the job market or education. You can find the partners in the tab 'Organisations' a tt he top of this page. 

Important! Reflecting and evaluating thoroughly is very important but the emphasis should definitely be on the “fun/creative side” and on reflecting and communicating about themselves as a person and entrepreneur.