Goals and outcomes

What is the goal of this module?

The goal of the INTRO is to introduce young people to the programme and to give them a flavour of entrepreneurship.

When young people finish this module, they have a sense of what SPEED You UP entails and are acquainted with some of the programme’s main principles: learning by doing, building positive experiences, community involvement, starting from your own talents.


What are the learning outcomes?

At the end of the INTRO module, learners …

  • Are curious towards new possibilities related to entrepreurship
  • Are motivated to further explore who they are as a person and as an entrepreneur
  • Are more aware of the role and relevance of entrepreneurship in their community/neighbourhood/family and in society in general
  • Experience what it is to be an entrepreneur
  • Get a taste of the ‘adventure’ and bright sides of being an entrepreneur, but also see the daily reality or barriers that are part of entrepreneurship
  • Are more aware of the civic and social responsibilities of entrepreneurs

Key elements for this module

The below we list the key elements for this module. For this module, it is important to go through these elements in the order in which they are listed.

For each of the elements, several tools and approaches are formulated. The concrete tools can also be consulted through the toolbox on the SPEED You UP website. In the next section of the template, you can find three options on how to build up this module concretely, depending on the resources and time that is available at your school.

Optional: formalisation and registration

This is a good moment to ask students to really engage into the SYU module and to give a brief explanation of the project. When students formally engage, it is important that they complete a brief questionnaire

This can include completing a privacy note and a note on use of pictures and video material. Examples of these notes can be found on the SPEED You UP website. For an example of a privacy notice, download the document for schools here:, and see from p. 11.

Next, this can also be the time to let students think about how they are going to work together, handle absences, cope with group assignments. See and download the D 1.1.6 document for schools.

This is only relevant in case the briefing and registration of students did not occur before the Intro module.



If you want insight in the questions, please consult the resources page and search for "survey".


Fundamentals option
3-4 hours
Excellence option
dandelion flower
5-7 hours
Online option
2 hours

The Excellence option goes further than the fundamental option: students really get the chance to immerse themselves in an entrepreneurial environment and to experience what it is to be an entrepreneur.

This option gives students a taste of entrepreneurship and reflect. This can be fully organised within the school building and within school hours.

The online option is not the ideal option for this module, because it is less immersive. It is, however, the best option if there is no other way to meet students face to face.

Tips and tricks

Important! Of course you can give young people an overview of the programme and some practical information, but the emphasis should definitely be on the “fun side” and on experiencing entrepreneurship.

In giving information on the programme, emphasize the goals and targets:

  • Learners will discover and improve their talents
  • They will be closer to the labour market

It is also an option to show them the success rates of similar programmes (Youthstart, Jongondernemen).