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The goal of the INTRO module is to introduce young people to the programme and to give them a flavour of entrepreneurship. Read more

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The goal of this module is to help young people to understand the meaning of skills, talents and abilities, and to build confidence, self-efficacy, communication skills and decision-making abilities. Read more

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The purpose of this module is to come up with an entrepreneurial idea that is community oriented: we want to contribute to improving the neighbourhoods in which SYU is active. Read more

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The aim of this module is develop a very first prototype of the service or project the group of young people has in mind, based on the idea that was developed in the discover phase. Read more

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The goal of the pitching phase is to present their prototype to a wider audience, including neighbourhood residents, members from the community, and get input and feedback. Read more

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The goal of the design phase is to write an initial yet grounded business plan (i.e., a business model canvas) by making use of the information gathered in the previous two phases.  Read more

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The purpose of this module is to let the young people continue to work on their entrepreneurial idea and then put it into practice. Read more

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The goal of the module Lessons Learned is to include a form of reflection on the process.  What did I learn about myself?  What are my talents?  How can I use my talents in a work environment?  How can I further develop my talents through training? Read more