Partner update - Association des Centres Sociaux de Wattrelos (Feb 2023)

SYU delivery comes to an end at ACSW

Our SYU delivery ended in 2022 with the last workshops of the program within the high school Emile Zola before the students start their internships. Our activities also had an extension towards adults who are now creating pop up as well!

The project was really exciting and a huge revelation, both for inhabitants and ACSW, as we are now focusing more and more on our activities on entrepreneurship. The success of the SYU approach led us to think that it can also be done with adults and our partners couldn’t agree more! We started a new project called “La Fabrique Des Possibles” with 5 regional partners.

Our goal is to continue SYU and enlarge, and enrich its methodology and tools. We look forward to starting new Interreg or ESF projects!