Partner update - Digital Peninsula Network (Feb 2022)

Vendredi, février 18, 2022 - 09:50

Our work in the community continues to develop through sharing the SPEEDYouUP project with local community groups across Cornwall. DPN flew the flag for SPEEDYouUP at the Mounts Bay Academy careers fair where we discussed students’ future employment and education options, including their ability to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. Future SPEEDYouUP workshop sessions and Pop-Ups are in discussion with Mounts Bay and other secondary schools across Cornwall.


Video webinar training

Following on from the success of the Mailchimp webinar, DPN held a webinar for all partners offering best practice guidance on how to create videos at a professional level. Work is ongoing to develop a follow-up webinar looking at editing videos.

DPN careers stand
DPN careers stand