Feelings of Anxiety and How to build Confidence


Aim of Session

- Students have a better understand of what causes feelings of Anxiety.
- Students learn that feeling anxious in new situations is normal and is part of coming out of your comfort zone.
- Students learn where anxious and negative thoughts might come from and ways they can challenge these thoughts
- Students work in groups to discuss how to overcome feelings of anxiety in the Scenarios activity

  • Feelings of Anxiety – How to Build Self Confidence
    60 minutes (including activities 2 and 3 throughout)
    Facilitator/Learner Guidance 

    Facilitator presents the PPT in to students/ young people
    Facilitator uses the notes section on each slide to help guide their presentation.
    On slide 12, split group into smaller groups, and hand out activity sheets to groups. (See Activity 2 below)
    Play video on Slide 13 after groups have finished their scenario activity and presented back to the whole group.

  • Anxiety Scenarios
    15 minutes (included in presentation time)
    Facilitator/Learner Guidance 

    Student Work in small groups (3 – 5 ).
    Facilitator gives each group Student Handout - Scenarios Anxiety Activity Sheet - a printed-out image with a situation that might trigger anxiety for the young person in the picture (Interview, busy shop, meeting new people, doing a presentation, going on a date)
    Facilitator also gives each group Student Handout – Speech bubble sheet.
    Group work together to fill in the questions in the speech bubble that relate to the scenario they have been given. Allow students 10 minutes to complete this.
    Groups then take turns to present what scenario they had to the rest of the group, and share what they put for question 4= what they could tell themselves 5= what they could do next time. Encourage everyone in group to say at least one thing.

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