Haii ^^


We are Fluff3d and we make custom collars, masks and 3d printed gadgets. 

Our collars and masks are fully self made and can be customised however you want, you can choose the colours, buckles and paracord stitches yourself. 

Our mascot is Odin, Fleur's dog you can see him on all our pages. 

Take a look at our socials and website to see some of the things we made!

 Website -> http://fluff3d.jouwweb.be/

All about you and your pet!

The team

Customer service
Hi! I follow IT technician, I'm an esport-gamer and i'm also into motorsports. I have 2 dogs named Nougy & Chels they're Border Collies and I love them so much ! I'm looking forward to this adventure with Speed You-Up.
Management secretary
Hi ^^ I'm Nikki, 19 and I follow IT Technician and SYU. I follow SYU because I want to start my own business later, and I'm really interested in learning about entrepreneurship. I'm also a gamer and an avid anime lover, I also have 2 dogs named Kyano and Bailey.
Managing director
Hello! I'm Fleur, I also follow IT Technician and SYU, I chose SYU because I want to start my own business later. I already make my own plushies, clothes and masks and would like to make this hobby into my job. I'm a creative girl with a big heart for animals. I have a dog named Odin, you'll see him alot on our socials!
Financial director
Hello, I'm Aurelija, I follow hairdresser and SYU. I'm creative and like gaming and animals!
Creative Director
Hello! I'm Shawn, 21 and I also follow IT Technician and SYU. I'm a gamer, I work with art programs and 3d printers.