The first SYU hub in Ghent! “Twice but nice” Richtpunt campus Ghent, Henleykaai.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 10:48

Last Thursday, 4 March, the first Speed-You-Up hub opened in Ghent. It should come as no surprise that covid-19 required a lot of creativity and flexibility from the youngsters and coaches to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this meant that the hub could not open in the neighbourhood, but only in the Ghent Henleykaai campus for the time being.

On the basis of the neighbourhood analysis, it appeared that there was a high need in the Watersportbaan neighbourhood for accessible meetings and shops where people could buy at a very low price.

The young people from the direction 4 and 5 office came up with the idea of creating their hub "Twice but nice": a low-threshold coffee bar and vintage shop. They also presented their idea, using a video, to the Watersportbaan district action team, and have already received enthusiastic responses.

But for the time being, it is at the school itself. Completely coronaproof, the teachers and pupils of Richtpunt can bring in clothes in exchange for coffee & cake or soup & bread to take away. This is possible every lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday. 

And what a beautiful cooperation: the department of food and catering of the other school in Ghent that participates in SYU, provides soup and cake! This is the CLW : centre for learning and work. 

A big congratulations to the youngsters and coaches for their enthusiasm, energy and unceasing creativity!