A closer look

Friday, March 25, 2022 - 08:13

If young people can think up and start a business in cooperation with each other and with local entrepreneurs, and if that business can then also formulate an answer to a local need,  They experience a kind of power and energy that stimulates them to further engage in their school career.

As organisations that organise and facilitate these kinds of pathways and projects, we face a number of challenges.

How will we succeed in strengthening the connection between the project and the young people?
How will we create a sustainable mutual commitment between schools, social neighbourhood partners and entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial hubs?
And what about learning in different ways, in different environments, with different skills, interests or intelligences and how this is valorised in the curriculum?

This week, our Flemish partners met policymakers from various fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by this project, to take a critical look at our strategies and action plans to ensure optimal and sustainable engagement.