Centre Social Salengro Hub pilot

For the Salengro centre, SPEED-You-UP is the first European project. SPEED-You-UP has clearly opened doors for young people and their families, but also for the centre itself that is now better connected with companies and businesses in the area.

Located in the heart of the Salengro district in Armentières, the Salengro Centre is a facility where family social work is carried out as a priority, coordinating medico-social and socio-educational activities in order to provide families with the means to fulfil their role. This global action is particularly oriented towards the socially or culturally less privileged.

A group of young people from Armentières has been included in this European project. In SPEED-You-UP, we offer a mix of activities to young people. There is an offer of sports, education, social activities, workshops, training and acquiring professional experiences. 

The project has a great impact on young people and their environment. 

On the level of young people, we  see a big change between the youngsters at the beginning and near the end of the project. The young people are completely different near the end of the project. We have good results with getting them back to work: some of the youngsters start working while still in the project. The young people have more entrepreneurial awareness, they are more open now.  

We also see impact in the entourage of the young people (the first circle around the young people, their family). The project has an impact as well on social and family. They often have problems in the family. Because of the pop-up, they have some money. They become independent and have autonomy. They live with their parents, but once they create something or find work, they can move out of the home. If they over 18, they want to gain autonomy. They want to live alone or with friends. Because of the project they have small money, or perhaps find work, and therefore it is easier for them.  

Sports Activities 

Biking, Running, Hiit Training, Climbing, CrossFit Training, Boxing, Etc.

Sports Activities

Personal Development (Mind and Body) with our professional instructor Bailo from Bailo Sport Concept 

Personal Development
food distribution

The coordinator of Centre Social Salengro testifies how SPEED-You-UP has changed collaborations with businesses, companies and entrepreneurs:

"Entrepreneurs are interested in the innovative part of the project. The project brings new people, that had no connection with the centre social, to the centre social, such as company managers. Company managers came to coach the young people and those company managers are now a par of the centre social. This is an output of the project. This target, such as CEO’s and managers, normally never come to the centre social. They learned how to work with young people, they learned about the centre social. Now, for example, there is a CEO at the leader board of our centre social."

director of the centre social

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