Amiens for Youth hub

The Amiens for Youth Hub is an accessible and attractive hub in the city centre where young people receive training in entrepreneurship combined with individual and group coaching.

The Amiens for Youth hub was created as part of the Amiens European Youth Capital 2020 programme. The hub is located in the city centre and easily accessible by public transport. It is available from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 7pm non-stop. The access is free for the youngsters and the stakeholders. 

The hub is a meeting place for young people where we will have different workshops. We organize different kind of workshops (about languages, entrepreneurship, housing, soft skills, youth participation…) and the different stakeholders do it too.

Working together

"Young people started to think differently. The training opens for them new opportunities and lets them see: I can do something different in life."

project coordinator

A young person's SPEED-You-UP story

The story is about a young person.

He has had a rather complicated school career; he did not finish high school and therefore does not have a diploma. He had to work quickly to be independent and to earn money. Unfortunately, given his situation, the jobs he found were only small food jobs. He was in a rather complicated situation.

He then decided to do a computer training course but did not manage to find a job.He has always been interested in entrepreneurship and has tried several times to launch a startup but without success.

He was interested in social actions and therefore joined the Amiens Youth Council set up by the Amiens For Youth Mission. He started to visit the Mission Amiens For Youth premises and we presented him the Speed You Up project. He was immediately very interested and decided to go for it. He learnt about the stages of business creation and had individual coaching workshops on self-development. Thanks to the Speed You Up project and the coaches, he acquired many skills and was able to discover a new network. He has set up a personal project that he wants to implement in the near future.

He declared himself as an auto-entrepreneur and thanks to Speed You Up and the support of the coaches he was able to obtain a contract with a freelance situation in an association.

He is now completely fulfilled and wishes to implement his personal project developed in the Speed You Up project in the near future.

In SPEED-You-UP, we collaborate with the following main partners:

A coach who works with the young people in group as well as individually:

BGE who offers the group workshops on entrepreneurship:

Mission Locale who signpost young people: This organisation helps young people to reintegrate gradually into society.


The IDEE (Innovons Développons l'Esprit d'Entreprendre) scheme, an instrument of the Amiens and Lille academies to develop the entrepreneurial spirit, which helps us in our communication with schools.

Our team is on hand to help young people with any problem or issue (housing, studies, training, entrepreneurship, financial assistance, administrative assistance...)

They can come to us at any time and we will answer their questions.

We also work with an association "CRIJ Hauts-de-France" which

provides reception and information on all subjects of concern to young people. 

Young people can also have access to our offers of devices and actions. They register on site or online.

Each young person can benefit from a personalised follow-up.

Working together
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